In recent years, the popularity of tourism and adventure has boomed. As a result of this, the number of programmes on TV has increased massively. For example, Countryfile and Springwatch.

As a result of this, film crews are being placed into increasingly difficult situations. From abseiling down a cliff, to paddling down a stream. We can work with your team to make sure that they work safely at all times. And we can provide advice at all times. Regarding both environment and equipment.

We understand that every location is different. Which means that your team has to constantly deal with different risks. We can offer bespoke services to best suit the situation and environment.

We can offer a complete package. Regardless of where you are filming. Whether this is in the UK or overseas.

  • Our trained staff are able to work worldwide in a range of different locations
  • We are able to work in a number of different situations, providing access for the most perfect shot
  • We can advise on location, activity and environments
  • We can provide additional staff where necessary
  • We can provide a range of equipment. Such as wet suits, canoes and helmets
  • We are all first aid qualified. Which means that you will have full support from mountain rescue personnel, right through to final production

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