Health and Safety is top of the priority list when using equipment. We offer a range of Technical Services to ensure your equipment meets legal requirements and is safe to use.

Technical Advice And Consultancy

Do you require support in design, construction, maintenance, assessment and training or even perhaps one off support? We are an independent organisation with a good knowledge of current industry regulations, giving your business what it needs to support its day-to-day running.

PPE Inspections

Did you realise that organisations using PPE equipment must have it inspected every 6 months and have a report written alongside it? At NEOA, we understand that these can cause disruption which is why we work around you and your customers to minimise this as much as possible.

Film Crew Safety

Are you a TV film crew involved in outdoor filming? Are you concerned about the welfare and safety of your crew in potentially dangerous situations? Our team will work with you all the time, ensuring their safety. We offer a fully bespoke service. We understand that every situation varies in terms of danger level.

Roped Rescue Training

Would you like to learn more about roped rescue techniques? Our team are highly experienced and qualified to a high level. And we can also provide training in rescue management and casualty care.

Bespoke Rope Rescue Training

Do you have specific requirements surrounding roped rescue training? We can create a course tailored to your exact requirements regardless of the industry you are in. We are able to show you how to perform rescues in hazardous locations and can also deliver health and safety qualifications.

Climbing Wall Inspections

Are you concerned that your climbing wall could potentially be unsafe? Regular inspection is the only way to ensure safety for all your users. We can thoroughly assess the condition of your climbing wall to make sure it conforms with EN standards and provide a written report of any potential improvements required.