Winter climbing in Scotland can be equally rewarding and challenging as other worldwide locations. A range of skills will be learned. From basic to more advanced. The aim is to make decent progress over the five days. You will learn a range of techniques such as ropework and climbing. Allowing you to climb a range of routes across Scotland.

Who is this course for?

In order to complete this course successfully, it is essential to have a sound level of winter mountaineering fitness. And you should be able to complete 800-1000m of ascent and descent. Additionally, it is necessary to carry a rucksack which will weigh an additional 8-10kgs. A high level of fitness should be achieved through regular hillwalking and up to 3 exercise sessions per week. Upper body strength is important for this activity so weights can be beneficial. Or time spent at an indoor climbing wall.

What will I be doing as part of this course?

This course will equip you with all the skills required to do winter climbing. The overall aim is to move safely and efficiently over all types of terrain. Skills gained during the course include:

  • Revision of fundamental winter skills including moving in crampons and ice axe self-arrest
  • Movement skills on snow, ice and mixed ground
  • Efficient ropework techniques for ascent or retreat
  • Constructing of winter belays
  • Placing winter protection – nuts, pegs, and ice screws
  • Avalanche risk assessment and avoidance
  • Winter mountain navigation
  • Route selection, route finding and assessing conditions
  • Dealing with all the above in harsh winter conditions

On an evening, lectures will be delivered on a range of technical topics. For example:

Pricing: This course is run over a period of two days. It costs £420 on a one to one basis. For a two to one basis, it costs £250 per person. A maximum of two people can be involved in this course.