Introduction to Leading


This course is aimed at those who already have some experience in basic climbing, and competent seconds. And want to begin lead climbing. A number of topics will be covered on the course. Including:

  • Guidebook interpretation
  • Route selection and grades
  • Protection
  • Clipping and ropework
  • Building belays
  • Single and multi-pitch climbing
  • Climbing technique
  • Abseiling
  • Simple problem solving
  • Retreating off routes
  • Escaping the system
  • Prussiking
Who is this course for?

In order to successfully complete this course, you need to be an experienced second. And understand climbing leadership. The course is 5 days long and will hopefully allow individuals to fully realise their climbing goals.

What will I be doing as part of this course?

We understand that everyone works at a different pace. Which is why all of our courses are tailored to individual abilities and aspirations. We can achieve this due to our high staff to student ratio.

Each day, the course staff will choose the best venue based on group ability and weather conditions. We pride ourselves on offering fully flexible programmes. Typically, on the first two days, single pitch crags will be tackled. Then larger, multi pitch crags will be completed on the final three. And to achieve this, the group will be divided into smaller groups.

Over the week, a number of areas will be explored. Including:

  • Single and multi-pitch climbing
  • Modern ropework, and double rope technique
  • Dynamics of belaying and fall factors
  • Coaching of lead climbing
  • Coaching of technique (movement)
  • Abseiling (with self-protection)
  • Improvised crag rescue and problem solving
  • Mental Preparation
  • Use of walls and how to train for climbing
  • Judgement, route choice and route finding
  • The BMC – services and clubs
  • Where do I go from here? – after the course

Price: £500 per person