Get Started Rock Climbing


This is a five-day introductory course which equips the participant with foundation skills for safe rock climbing.

Throughout the week, a range of venues will be visited. Which will help you develop a strong climbing technique. As well as learn about equipment and how to use it safely.
Ultimately, this course will equip you with the skills and experience required for a lifetime of rock climbing.

Who is this course for?

This course provides a fun introduction to rock climbing. You do not need to have completed any rock climbing previously. However, you should be willing to do climbing whilst having fun along the way. You will learn all of the essential skills required to get you started.

What will I be doing as part of this course?

We understand that everyone is different in terms of how quickly they want to progress. So as a result, we tailor climbs to suit different abilities. And we can achieve this successfully thanks to a good staff to student ratio. Every day, staff will decide on suitable venues based on weather conditions and group requirements. Over the first two days, time will be spent on single pitch crags. Then during the remaining three, the team will be split into smaller groups for larger multi pitch crags.

Over the five days, we will be looking at the following areas:

  • Bouldering (shorter climbs on boulder used to develop technique)
  • Introduction to simple ropework
  • Belaying (controlling the rope for the climber)
  • Single and multi-pitch ascents
  • Abseiling
  • Use of technical equipment
  • Stance organisation (arranging everything on a ledge, part way up)
  • Understanding the principles of lead climbing
  • Safe descents
  • Joining the BMC
  • Where do I go from here? – after the course

Price: £900 per person
£475 per person for 2 people