This is a five-day course, where you will learn about the advanced skills of summer hillwalking and mountaineering. You will develop the techniques required for multi-day journeys. Whilst travelling in sometimes difficult conditions around the British mountains. The course is ideally suited to an experienced hillwalker who wants to broaden their skills. You will learn about:

  • Navigation
  • Route finding
  • Expedition camping
  • Basic ropework
  • Hazard awareness needed to look after yourself and your friends or family in the mountains
Who is this course for?

This course is ideally suited for those that have already completed some hill walking in the UK. But they are ready to take this to the next level. By undertaking more difficult routes. And maybe even some scrambling. It is important that the participant has a basic level of fitness. So that the course can be completed successfully.

What will I be doing as part of this course?

The course will mainly be spent in the mountains. And various topics will be further explained when necessary. However, some time will be spent in the classroom on an evening. So that some topics can be further explained. At the end of the week, the skills and experience learned will be put into practice. This takes the form of wild camping and a mini-exhibition.

A number of skills will be learned throughout the week. Including:

  • Mountain navigation: Night navigation, relocation techniques, micro navigation and basic use of GPS
  • Walking skills: What things should be considered while walking? What things can make walking easier? How to travel over different terrain. Basic scrambling and ropework
  • Mountain weather: How weather affects mountains. How to deal with the weather. How to read a weather forecast
  • Journey planning: How to plan a journey in a mountain in the UK or Ireland
  • Maintenance of clothing and equipment: What clothing to wear, what equipment is required, what is useful as extra
  • Environment: How human impact can be reduced while climbing. How humans have impacted on the upland environment
  • Dealing with emergencies and hazards: How to manage hazards and deal with emergencies

Price: Two days start from £350 per person. Five days start from £450 per person