Do you love being in the mountains and want to broaden your skills in mountain and hillwalking? We have the perfect course for you!

Mountain Skills

Are you an experienced hillwalker with a basic level of fitness and are keen to learn advanced skills in summer hillwalking and mountaineering? This five-day course will equip you with the techniques needed for multi-day journeys and will teach you how to navigate in sometimes difficult conditions.

Learn to navigate

Would you like to learn how to navigate the UK hills and mountains? Do you already have a good level of fitness? This course puts theory into practice every day through both classroom sessions and practical experience. Providing individuals with the necessary skills required to confidently navigate the mountains.

Pro Navigator

Would you like to gain a full understanding of mountain navigation techniques and gain practical walking experience? Are you interested in hillwalking and have a good level of fitness? This course will teach you how to navigate a range of UK and overseas routes and equip you with all navigation techniques needed.