What is Coasteering?

Coasteering is an activity where the individual moves by foot or by swimming through an intertidal zone. Individuals involved in coasteering cannot use aids such as surfboards or boats. Coasteering is difficult to define further, as it is a broad discipline. Resultingly, it can encompass other disciplines such as ocean swimming or rock pooling.

It is possible to further categorise the broad discipline of coasteering. Such sub-categories include:

  • Diving: This only makes up a very small part of other activities involved in coasteerting
  • Canyoning, climbing, scrambling or sea level traversing: This involves climbing above deep water along with other individuals for safety. This activity is completed by experienced individuals as rope is not used
  • Adventure swimming: This involves individuals swimming through calm or rough water. As part of this activity, it is necessary to dress appropriately using wetsuits as the likelihood of getting wet is very high

Price: £50 per person

Please note: This activity runs only from April 1st- October 31st