Ever thought about cliff camping? By spending a night on a portaledge you can experience breath taking views whilst camping over the waves, looking out into the sea. Cliff camping is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Witness the sun going down over the ocean while looking at the stars above.

What is involved in cliff camping?

Cliff camping may initially seem dangerous to those that have never experienced it before. However, once you become accustomed, you will feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. You will be accompanied by fully trained and experienced staff who will make sure you are safe at all times. Our staff will work very hard to ensure that your experience goes perfectly.

However, this experience is not for everyone. The thought of travelling down the sea and being suspended over a ledge can be daunting for even the most acclimatised rock climber. In our experience however, we do feel that most people become settled quickly.

What will happen during the experience?

Once you meet our staff during late afternoon, we will check kit, go through what is expected and answer any questions you may have. We will not throw you into the deep end. Instead we will spend some time doing rock climbing before actually moving down the ledge. Not only will this familiarise yourself with some routes. It will also let you get to know staff. We will also teach some skills so that you can settle on the ledge. And also rope skills.

On the evening, the ledge will be set up so that you can enjoy the evening sunset. As well as an evening meal.

During the night, you will have the opportunity to witness many of natures wonders. For example, moonlight glistening over the water, the sounds of waves and the stars in the sky.

On the morning, you will witness the sun rising and the world coming alive around you. We will provide breakfast, then the campsite will be tidied up before making our way back.


What is a portaledge?

Portaledge stands for ‘portable ledge’. It provides a base on which the climber can sleep on while carrying out a lengthy route.

What happens if I need the toilet?

Use of the toilet is heavily encouraged before descending to the portaledge. However, it is inevitable that you might need to use the toilet during the night. In such cases, the user would have to climb back up and then construct a temporary toilet. Importantly, any temporary toilets should be cleaned up and the site should be left in an acceptable condition.

What would happen during bad weather?

Fortunately, the portaledge is fully waterproof. Which makes it a little like a tent. Keeping out the elements for the occupants inside. However, there are some cases in which torrential weather makes such an activity unsafe. In which case we would need to cancel. In such instances, alternative days can be arranged. Or if you would like your deposit returned, we would be happy to do this.

What equipment will I need?

For a successful cliff camp, you will need a range of equipment. We mention all the items you will need on the Cliff Camping page of our website.