North East OA offering two day winter skills course in Cairngorms, Scotland

01 November 2018 Cairngorms

The winter skills course will allow you to learn a range of skills. For example, use of ice axes and crampons, correct selection of equipment, how to navigate in difficult winter conditions and self-arrest. Participants should be aware that the conditions of this course can potentially be harsh. And furthermore, it can be difficult to predict the weather on the day. Specifically the occurrence of snow and ice. We try to deliver this course in a flexible way. So as to make use of the weather conditions on the day. However, do be aware that regardless of whether it is snowing, the course will still take place.

Do I need to have previous experience to complete this course?

Yes, you should have some experience of hill walking. This will allow you to successfully complete some winter walking. Previous experience in winter hillwalking isn’t exactly necessary for successful completion of this course. However, some prior experience in summer hillwalking could be particularly beneficial. Above everything else, the participant will require a reasonable level of fitness to successfully tackle this course.

What will I be doing as part of the winter skills course?

The winter skills course covers two main areas. 1. Navigation 2. Maintaining security on winter terrain. You will spend both days out on the hills gaining practical knowledge of the following:

  • Navigating in winter conditions
  • Navigating over difficult terrain
  • Choosing the most optimum route
  • How to properly use ice axes and crampons
  • Selecting the correct equipment for winter conditions

Be aware that this course will be carried out in different conditions because the weather can expect to change day to day. Because of this, this course will be run in a fully flexible manner.

What dates will this course run on?
  • 19/01/2019 – 20/01/2019
  • 16/02/2019 – 17/02/2019
  • 23/03/2019 – 24/03/2019

Please note that if any of these dates are unsuitable for your group, contact us. We are flexible with dates and are able to create a bespoke course just for you!


The Winter Skills course in the Cairngorms, Scotland, will equip the participants with the skills needed to navigate winter conditions. You will learn how to use tools such as ice axes and crampons, select the best equipment for winter conditions, successful navigation for winter conditions and how to complete self-arrest. Participants of a reasonable level of fitness and who have some experience in hillwalking are ideally suited to this course. If the dates displayed above are unsuitable for your group, we can offer other dates. Please contact us to discuss this.

How can I find out more or book this course?

Simply visit the Winter Skills page on North East OA. You can make a booking directly through our site by clicking ‘book now’ at the bottom of the page.