Why should I complete the ‘Pro Navigator’ course with North East OA?

12 October 2018 map reading

This course is ideally suited to individuals who have little to no experience. And by the end of the course, the aim is to develop the individual into someone that has a strong grasp of mountain navigation techniques. For example, using a map and a compass in the correct way. Once these basics have been grasped, we will then move onto more advanced techniques such as GPS. However, most importantly, this course gives all participants the opportunity to practically complete some hill walking throughout the week.


Who is this course ideal for?

This course is perfect for individuals who are interested in hill walking but do not feel confident enough to do this on their own. However, it is necessary to have a good degree of fitness. This is because you will be required to walk for long periods along the hills.

What is involved on the ‘Pro Navigator’ course?

This course begins by exploring basic mapwork. Once the basics have been grasped, more complex topics can then be explored. Such as how to interpret a map and how to use a compass. Once again, when you have grasped these skills, you will once more move onto learning more complex topics such as how to use GPS. By the end of the week, we expect that you will feel confident enough to navigate a range of routes. Both locally within the UK and also overseas. As well as the practical element, some of the course will be classroom based. And as such, will cover the following topics:

  • Mountain weather
  • Equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Planning a mountain day

The course is highly adaptable. So as such, we will equip you with the skills required to navigate during the day and night. We will also give you the skills required to adapt to the weather. Regardless of the conditions on the day.



If you are interested in booking the Pro Navigator course, you can do it here. Then go to the bottom of the page, click ‘book now’ and fill in the form.  The course costs £220 for one person plus £50 per person hereafter.