mountain skill course NEOA
19 September 2018

Why should I complete the mountain skills course with NEOA?

Would you like to learn about the advanced skills of summer hillwalking and mountaineering? Would you like to develop techniques needed for multi-day journeys? Or learn how to navigate the sometimes harsh conditions experienced in the British mountains? Are...

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10 September 2018

Why Should I Complete The Gorge Walking Course With NEOA?

What is involved? Gorge walking is a combination of many activities, such as: Scrambling up and down a gorge Jumping in pools Sliding down slides Traversing rock pools Climbing waterfalls Gorge walking is suited to couples, families and larger...

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04 September 2018

Why should I do the introduction to scrambling course with NEOA?

Do you have some previous experience in hillwalking? Are you now ready to explore more adventurous routes? Possibly routes that are much steeper? If so, this could be the ideal course for you. Throughout the day, you will carry...

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30 August 2018

Why should I complete the big wall climbing course with NEOA?

Are you an experienced climber? Do you have a basic knowledge of ropework? Would you like to utilise your climbing experience by climbing up a climbing wall? The big wall climbing course is ideal for individuals that are planning...

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