18 October 2018

How can I judge winter climbing conditions?

Soon, winter will be arriving. And as such, thoughts will be turning to the best winter routes available. When climbers see first evidence of snow, it always gets them excited. Particularly because it signals the start of wild adventures!...

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map reading
12 October 2018

Why should I complete the ‘Pro Navigator’ course with North East OA?

Introduction This course is ideally suited to individuals who have little to no experience. And by the end of the course, the aim is to develop the individual into someone that has a strong grasp of mountain navigation techniques....

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03 October 2018

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft North East is the term used to describe a range of skills. Such as: How to light a fire using sparks generated from friction Cooking on an open fire How to build a shelter Identify and using a...

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person holding debit card
28 September 2018

Online booking now available on North East Outdoor Adventures

North East Outdoor Adventures have just revamped their website to include a new online booking feature. All of our courses are now better categorised and are more easily accessible. We have re-structured the menu which now clearly separates Summer...

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