Take your climbing wall experience to the next level

27 July 2018 NEOA rock climbing course

The Moving Out rock climbing course could be just for you. This course is ideal for those that have some prior experience in climbing and know some of the basics. e.g. how to put on a harness or tying on using a belay. This course will take you to the next step. Specifically, by practicing climbing on real rocks. As mentioned, you would need to have some basic climbing experience to successfully complete the course. But overall, you must have a desire to have fun!

We offer a flexible approach to suit the needs of everyone

We understand that everyone works at a pace comfortable to them. Which is why we are proud of our instructors who choose routes only suited to the ability level of the individual. Moreover, we have a high staff to student ratio which means that we can spend more time one on one with individuals. Really helping them to get the most of the experience.

With this in mind, we visit single pitch crags over both days. And this will not be overwhelming. As crags are less than one rope length in height. Although we do try to keep things as flexible as possible, our staff will decide each morning on the most appropriate venue. Determined by the ability level of the group and also the weather conditions on the day.

rock climbing

Over the two days, we will teach the following skills:
  • Lots of climbing
  • Placing ‘bomber’ gear for anchors and runners
  • Rigging a bottom rope on a single pitch crag
  • Tying into anchors at the top of the crag
  • Good belaying skills
  • Principles of leading and a leader’s rack
  • Setting up and managing an abseil
  • The BMC – services and clubs
  • Where do I go from here? – after the course
In summary, why should I attend the Moving Out course?
  • I have completed some basic climbing and want to take my skills to the next level
  • I have had practice on a climbing wall but want to put this into practice on real rock
  • I want to have fun!
How do I book the Moving Out course with North East OA?

Simply access the contact us page and leave us some details regarding the size of your group along with its ability. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.