digging a shelter on ben nevis
27 December 2018

Snow shelters. A vital skill to ensure survival in harsh winter conditions

The role of snow shelters for the completion of many famous expeditions bears great historical significance. There is a multitude of famous British mountaineers who have completed groundbreaking ascents as a result of having access to a snow shelter...

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mountains in winter
19 December 2018

Worried about avalanche risk? Learn the main causes and become one step safer…

It was once believed that the echo of a human voice was in its self, enough to trigger an avalanche by dislodging snow with vibrations. And although this is technically possible, the chance of this occurring is very slim....

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mountains in winter
04 December 2018

Climbers guide to self-arrest techniques in winter

Self-arrest describes a technique used by climbers to either slow down or stop a fall, in situations where a rope belay has not been used. The best method of performing self-arrest in snow is by using an ice axe....

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Ice climbing adventure NEOA
26 November 2018

Buyers guide to choosing the perfect ice axe or tool

Are you thinking about climbing in winter conditions? You will most likely require an ice axe. The process of choosing an ice axe can be confusing. This is because there are many different options to choose from. And furthermore,...

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