mountains in winter
04 December 2018

What are the main things I need to know about self arrest?

Self-arrest is a technique used in mountaineering to allow a climber who has fallen and is sliding down a slope to arrest themselves without the use of a rope or belay system. The technique is mostly reliant on an...

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Ice climbing adventure NEOA
26 November 2018

Buyers guide to choosing the perfect ice axe or tool

Are you thinking about climbing in winter conditions? You will most likely require an ice axe. The process of choosing an ice axe can be confusing. This is because there are many different options to choose from. And furthermore,...

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13 November 2018

What upper clothing do I need for winter conditions?

Choosing mountaineering equipment can be difficult. And the equipment you need to take with you depends on the type of location you are going to and also the length of time you will be staying there. Regardless of whether...

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07 November 2018

Why should I choose North East OA for my hen and stag do?

It is true to say that a hen and stag do can be considered to be a very special occasion and perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity for most. As such, it is essential to choose the right...

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